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That tipping point from being a solepreneur to a small business owner looks easy on paper, but the reality is very different. It isn’t just the scale of your business that changes, it’s everything. From team building, to customer management and, of course, HMRC your world is very different.

Change is good, but change can be VERY scary.


As your team grows it’s essential that you keep ahead of the curve to ensure your growth doesn’t out pace your resources. You might not be ready for a full time CFO, but you will need one. We can help with that.

As your business morphs into a larger organisation the financial demands and pressure grow exponentially.

It’s no longer just about keeping records, it’s about watching for profit leaks, waste, potential growth roadblocks … it’s about looking ahead and being ready for change. Our talented accountants are expert CFOs ready to help you and your business thrive.

We’ve got your back.

Small Business
Dividend Planning

We advise our clients on the most tax-efficient remuneration package for directors to have during the year to help minimise tax liabilities.

Small Business
Corporation Tax Preparation

Corporation Tax is the tax liability arising on the taxable profits of your Limited Company. HL&W Limited will ensure all legislation is complete to be compliant with HMRC.

Small Business
Financial Accounting & Annual Accounts Preparation

HL&W Limited prepare the full and filleted accounts that are compliant with current legislation, including the Companies Act and relevant Accounting Standards.

Small Business
Budgeting and forecasting

It is important for HL&W Limited to have an annual review before the financial reports are due for the accounting year to plan for the following financial year. By forecasting, we can have an understanding and are able to assess relevant future factors affecting your business.

Small Business
Personal Tax

HL&W Limited understand that tax matters can be daunting and time consuming especially if they are not familiar territory. We work closely with professional financial advisers to ensure tax bills are minimised, tax returns are completed accurately and submitted on time.

Small Business
Company Secretarial Services

HL&W Limited deal with Company Secretarial compliance matters for you including formation of companies, confirmation statement, change of address, share transfers, director appointments. We provide your Limited Company with a registered office.

Small Business
HMRC Related Correspondence

As authorised agents for your Limited Company, HL&W Limited will receive and deal with all HMRC correspondence on your behalf. In order to avoid our clients having issues relating to missing deadlines, HL&W Limited always keep you informed and provide you with accurate information.

Small Business

HL&W Limited will formulate VAT returns from preparing the figures to submitting the return. We advise on the relevant VAT scheme and the applicable rates of VAT in respect of both inputs and outputs. We also aim to explain the principals of VAT and show workings of the calculations of the VAT to be paid over or to be recovered.

Small Business

HL&W Limited will discuss salary and will calculate the net pay due to a client’s employees after taking into account all deductions and reimbursement of expenses. This includes the preparation of returns to enable the submission (to HMRC) of all required RTI forms, after approval by a client. Advising the client of their liability, if any, to pay PAYE and National Insurance to HMRC. Guidance in the complex area of employment status and IR35 regulation.

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